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Secondary School Admissions Test Cost

How Much Does the Secondary School Admissions Test Cost?

Type of TestCost
In-Person Elementary Level SSAT Test $95
In-Person Middle and Upper Level SSAT Test $155
At-Home, Computer Based Middle and Upper Level SSAT Test $235

The Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) is a test taken by students in grades 3-11 who are applying to private and independent schools for admission into grades 4-12.

There are three levels of the SSAT: the Elementary Level SSAT is taken by students in 3rd or 4th grade applying for admission into 4th and 5th grades. The Middle Level SSAT is taken by students in 5th-7th grade applying for 6th-8th grade. The Upper Level is taken by students in 8th-11th grade applying for high school.

According to The Enrollment Management Association, which administers the test, over 70,000 students a year take the SSAT.

Typical costs:

  • The price for taking the Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT) varies based on whether you're taking the Elementary, Middle or Upper Level test, and whether you're taking it at a test center or at home.
  • Taking the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) in-person, on paper, at a scheduled test center costs $155 for the Middle Level or Upper Level. The in-person test for the Elementary Level costs $95.
  • The SSAT offers a computer-based test that can be taken at home through a partnership with PSI services. The at-home, computer-based SSAT costs $235, and is available only for the Middle and Upper Level exams.
  • The SSAT also offers computer-based test at testing centers for $215.
  • For students abroad, the in-person international SSAT at the Elementary Level costs $210. The international test at the Middle and Upper Level costs $299.
  • Families that cannot pay the SSAT registration fee can contact the admissions office of the private or independent school they are applying to, and the admissions office can provide a fee waiver code[1] , which can be used to register for the SSAT for free. The fee waiver covers only the cost of the test, and not any late or service fees.
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What should be included:
  • The SSAT includes five sections: a 25 minute writing sample, two math sections, a verbal section, a reading section, and an experimental section. Only the two math sections, reading section and verbal section contribute to the SSAT score. The writing sample is forwarded to the schools.
  • The fee includes taking the test and a score report which includes the student's percentile by grade and gender. The SSAT will also forward the test scores to the selected schools.
Additional costs:
  • There are additional fees for late registration: an additional $45 to register 2 weeks before the test, and $85 to register up to 3 days before the test.
  • The SSAT charges $18 for email or text alerts of the scores, $30 to have the results mailed, and $40-$70 for rush overnight delivery of the scores. However, it's free to check the website to see if the scores are available.
  • Rescheduling the SSAT after registration incurs a $40 test change fee.
  • Kaplan's, Barron's and the Tutorverse offer SSAT test preparation self-study books for $15-$37. Reviewing subject materials can help students familiarize themselves with the subject material, and taking practice tests can help students learn the test format and budget their time.
  • The Enrollment Management Association, the makers of the SSAT test, sell an official study guide book for $60 and online practice tests and review materials for $75 (or both for $125).
  • Test takers can save money by registering on-time to avoid late and change fees.
  • They can also consider in advance whether they want to check their scores on the website for free or pay to receive the scores by mail, text or email ($18-$70 each), and whether they want to have the writing sample mailed to them ($25).
  • It's not well advertised, but after registering for the test, users can access a free 30 minute practice test on the website.
  • Test preparation materials are often available at public libraries, though they may already be checked out during the fall application period.
Shopping for the secondary school admissions test:
  • For families that qualify for a free test, contact the admissions office of targeted schools to receive a fee waiver code.
  • Registration for the SSAT can be done at the SSAT website[2] .
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